Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Failed Picnic at The Great Salt Lake

For family night (Monday) we drove out to the great salt lake for a little picnic and family time. As we started to drive out there, the rain clouds were getting darker and darker. But we kept going. We arrived at Saltair and it was closed. So we picked a spot to go on the side of the road and ventured out to see the water and all that salt. We had jump a fence and walk through tall grass, the view of Antelope island and the never ending lake was breathtaking. This was at sunset too. We walked on the beach and there was no water, but lots of sand and salt holes. The kids loved it, I did too. I find stuff like fascinating. We explored the beach and found some pretty cool things. If you haven't been, go because its really beautiful. 

 The Shoe was almost left behind

 Antelope Island


Kit said...

It sure looks beautiful! ANd COngrats about all the parts below! What a little actress you are! :)

Clarissa said...

You guys are so fun!! We need to be more like you... I have been wanting to go to the Salt lake and just haven't done it. Maybe next Monday!