Friday, October 14, 2011

Our First Circus!

I won tickets for the whole family a few weeks ago though I just entered online. I love winning and getting experience something that I have never done before. Everyone was really excited, specially Liam. It was in Orem, we drove down Monday afternoon and walked into the stadium full of people and circus entertainment. The first part was the motorbikes and the cage they spun in, that was everyone's favorite thrilling part. But I would say the boxing kangaroo and two adorable elephants stole the show.

Oh the funniest thing that happened, was a cage came out with nothing in it and two cute girls got inside and they covered the cage with a black curtain and then when they pulled it back a white tiger suddenly appeared. That blew Liam's socks off! After 10 mins he said "Mum, why did the tiger kill and eat those girls, do you think they're okay?" I couldn't stop laughing, I explained it was a magic trick. To this day he asks if those girls are still alive. Pretty funny.

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