Saturday, November 19, 2011

Witches at Gardner Village

{October 10th}

Every year I take the kids to Gardner Village for the Witches hunt. I mainly love going to check out all the cute boutiques they have with all of the new fall/winter stuff (specially the fabric store - drool) and the kids love going because I always promise them a sweet treat from the amazing candy store they have there. They get to pick out a huge sucker each and suck away. My brother Ali tagged along this year, he thinks the Witches were kinda of weird. I don't blame him, I thought everything was weird about that place when I first went, but now I love me some Gardner Village. We had lunch after-wards at Rumbi's, the food there is always so yummy, specially the sweet potato fries! Good times.

 Liam thought he 'bum' was the funniest thing he as ever seen! 
He couldn't stop laughing.

 So Good!

I still laugh at this pic. Noah got a sour lemon in his water. No warning from me! hahahaha

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