Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day

We had a relaxing and easy going Christmas this year. Previous years I would leave things to the last minute and always end up regretting being caught up in the Christmas craziness and frenzy. But this year I had done I would 80% of my shopping by Thanksgiving. It felt so good, I had a strong feeling to make sure this was accomplished. I was really glad I did because at the end of November, I became extremely busy with customer orders. I was busy everyday and even worked lots of late nights so everyone would get their jewelry and accessories by Christmas. The great news is that everything was done in time, with a lot of happy customers. Which makes me very happy :)

I was so relieved when Christmas day came, I just love spending time with my family. It's fast becoming my favorite holiday. We had the best Christmas, it was so much fun and relaxed.
The kids woke up at a decent time, we weren't in a rush, but Liam and Noah both had huge grins. I loved that Noah knew what day it was. We said a family prayer on our bed and then did our traditional Christmas morning ritual of running through the wall covered paper to get to all the goodies on the other side. First we do stockings and then we take turns in opening presents. 
We had never experienced Christmas day at Church before as a family, it was a first time and it was magical. I sort of wish we could do it every year. It truly reminds you of the meaning of Christmas. Being able to take the Sacrament on such a special day. It also a special day because we were able to go to my in-laws Church and watch their Choir perform the most amazing Christmas songs. My mother-in-law Terri is the Choir Director she did such amazing job with it all. Afterwards, we went back to my in-laws house and had our traditional breakfast with the whole family and just relaxed. We were also also waiting for my sister-in-laws call, Amy, from Oklahoma. She only has 4 months left of on her mission. She sounded happy and we really have missed her the last two Christmas's. We only got 5 mins to talk, so we couldn't really chat to much. We had already started the gift exchanging between the kids and grown ups. Which is always fun. This year Jed and Emily were sort of in charge of Terri and Reed's gift and they decided to give them a surprise 'Amazing Race' treasure hunt (if that makes sense). With clues and riddles to figure out, it was so much fun and hilarious to watch.

We had Nathan this year (Clint's youngest brother). He threw over a little box to me and I opened it to find a note to go outside and sure enough on the picnic table there was a huge present all wrapped up. 

We brought it inside opened it and there was a bunch of towels and at the bottom there was another note, we had to close our eyes and say 'Kris Kringle' so we did, mind you this going on with the whole family watching. As soon as we said our little Kris Kringle another mysterious package fly's across the room and lands in the huge box. This time Clint opens it, we both looked at each other thinking 'What the?' It was a Christmas ornament box, so we he opened it up and to reveal a iPod Nano!!!!  It was so much fun. We all thought it was pretty neat. 

The rest of the pictures are of the cousins exchanging gifts....

Overall we had an amazing Christmas with our beautiful family! 
Love you guys xoxox