Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Liam's Birthday

On Wednesday January 25th our little man turned 6!
We can't believe it, we have a 6 year old. It's truly amazing, his growing up into a such a handsome guy. Yes he still a ball of energy and full of life. We just adore him around here. He has turned into a real goof ball, always making funny faces (crossed eyed), making up elaborate stories and really using his imagination to entertain all of us. This year we had so much fun on his special day. 
In the morning before school we went to the Sweet Tooth Fairy for a few treats. 
After school I surprised him with a trip to the zoo! With one his best buds Jack. I let him run around like a maniac, he was in heaven. After dinner we went to Grandma and Grandpa Stallings house for a fun birthday celebration with the whole family. We surprised him with a cool Transformer cake. He loved it! When we arrived home, to wind down we like to as a family on somebody's birthday go around and say something we like/love about that person. It's really cute and always put's a huge smile on your face. 

Happy Birthday Liam, we sure love having you as a part of our family!