Monday, January 23, 2012

The Toothfairy Visited

Last week was a definitely a week to forget and never to be repeated. Clint was away all week (5 days) in DC for work (boo) which is always a drag when the hubby is away, especially over the weekend (double boo). Anyway, things were going smoothly until Liam woke up early Sunday morning complaining about a tooth ache. I had a peek into his mouth and I was shocked to see a huge abscess above his front tooth (the one he had a root canal on 6 months ago). I took a few pictures and sent them to Uncle Jaimie (family Dentist). He messaged me back and said "Bring him in today"!! I thought, oh no, Liam has no idea what's going to happen later today, but I knew that tooth was coming out. I dropped Noah off at my in-laws, they were still in Church, I didn't want Noah with me,  I couldn't handle both of them. As soon as we started our trip to the Dentist (in Orem), Liam started complaining that his tooth was really hurting, by then I knew the Tylenol had started to wear off. It didn't help that he was really missing his Dad too.
I was really grateful that Uncle Jaimie and Bailey took the time out on their Sunday to help out Liam. They took X-ray's and we knew it was pretty bad right away. It was coming out, Liam's worst nightmare was coming true. He injected the anesthesia but it really didn't help at all. The infection was pretty bad, so he just went for it. I held his two little hands, while my arms where holding his little body down. He screamed through most of it. It looked really painful. The tooth shattered into pieces while he was trying to pull it out. The worst part was getting the rest of it out, the root was still in there. Once it was over, I held Liam for a bit to console him. I wish Clint was there too (which would have helped both of us). Poor guy, I'm sure he will never forget how he lost his first tooth experience. We was on antibiotics for a week and he didn't really complain about pain the next day. He is a little trooper that's for sure. We placed a tooth under his pillow that night and sure enough the toothfairy left him a dollar bill. He was pretty proud to show-off his missing tooth all week. He is doing really great now and talks with a lisp. It's not how I imagined the weekend would finish.