Monday, February 6, 2012

Short Films

Last Friday LDS motion pictures contacted us and wanted Liam and I in a few scenes they are filming to be released in a few months. The short films are story's from the Book of Mormon.
Liam got lucky and actually had a 'role'. The original boy that had been casted canceled the night before and Liam was the perfect age and look to step in to the role. He played Alma's grandson. Most of the scene was shot in front of a green screen. Liam did such an amazing job, he followed the directors requests perfectly. He really did well listening and waiting for his que 'action' to start digging.

The other scene we did together was taken out of 'Alma 30' where Korihor was trying to stop people from walking to the Temple. We were caught in the middle of the fight. By then we were both done, we had been going non-stop since 7am. It was so much fun, yes it was exhausting but we really do enjoy it. Getting dressed up in beautiful costumes and having our make-up and hair done. The wardrobe girls love, getting everyone messy, sweaty and dirty to make it look more realistic. We are thinking of getting Liam an agent. He really loves all the attention and enjoys himself on set. Hopefully if he continues showing an interest, we can start some acting or drama school.
I will post the short films once they are online.