Monday, March 19, 2012


We did something totally selfish last week!
We took a mini vacation for our anniversary minus the kiddos!
We hadn't done that in a few years...
It was BLISS!
We left early Thursday afternoon and returned late Sunday night.
4 days of fun, eating, playing and giggling. 
We spent a few days in St.George and the rest in Vegas.
St.George was my fav, we played tennis, went out for romantic dinners and hiked a few trails at Zion.
We had perfect weather throughout the whole trip. 
Vegas was crazy too, we stayed at Trump International (killer deal).
Stuffed ourselves like pigs at the sushi/seafood buffet.
Strolled around Town Square Mall while sipping on coconut smoothies.
Hit Planet Hollywood to get lucky.
Listened to music on the open road. 
We can't believe its been 4 years since we tied the knot. 
It was definitely a well deserved holiday. 

Weeping Rock (Zion)

The Narrows