Sunday, May 20, 2012

University of Utah 5k Law Day Run

{19th May}

Early Saturday morning the whole family woke up super early (6.30) so we could be up at the U's (S.J Quinney Law faculty) law building to start our 5k run by 8am. This year Nathan (Clint's younger bro) and Brady and Angela joined us. I think it was Angela's first time and also her boys ever running a 5k. That was exciting for them.

We all started out together, but pretty quickly everyone was for themselves and scattered. Brady pushed the jogger with little Alex. Angela walked/ran with the boys, Liam, Brennon and Ethan. Clint and Nathan took off. And I was on my own with Noah, I walked most of the way or more like plodded. I think the best times were Clint (27mins), Brady, Nathan, Angela and then me.
It took me about an hour!

I just love getting up early and getting the whole family involved. The weather was glorious and it was such a beautiful morning. Once we finished and came home, (9.30am), we still had the whole morning ahead of us! We hope to keep the tradition going over the years.