Saturday, June 2, 2012

33 Weeks

 Memorial weekend

How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 31lbs (142lbs)
Maternity clothes? I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable in just about anything. But still lots of lose clothes. Dresses, skirts, baggy pants. I wear my maternity denim shorts and leggings almost everyday.
Best worst moment this week: I have a cold!! This should be against all natural laws of mankind. That anyone pregnant gets sick. Ugh! Yuck! Specially during the most important week of May. If you haven't heard, we are moving. We sold our house and we need to get out of here by the 10th. Yikes
Miss Anything? Sleeping! Ha! Yes, I am starting to get up random times throughout the night.
Movement: Lots of elbows to the ribs. Ouch!
Food cravings:  Munching on ice. Fruit. Cold drinks. Fried chicken. Seafood. Sushi. Spicy McChickens. European food like, ciabata italian sandwiches, tapas, anything Greek.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating too much, I get heartburn.
Have you started to show yet:  Yeah I get mixed reactions. Some people say I'm huge others say your tiny. I feel a lot smaller then my other pregnancy's.
Gender: GIRL!!! I washed all her new clothes and blankets the other day. Felt so amazing.
Labor Signs: If I do to much, I will get some painful cramps. Lots of braxton hicks.
Belly Button in or out? In. But soon to be outie.
Wedding rings on or off? Super tight now. I hardly wear them. :((
Happy or Moody most of the time: Short tempered, I have been a little cranky lately. Tired from lack of sleep, but will still laugh out loud  at something hilarious. I love that.
Looking forward to: Dressing my little girl for the first time. I can't decide what outfit she will wear home from the hospital. Also, rocking her to sleep in my glider!!
My midwife appt: Measuring 32cms. Baby's heartbeat was great 145bpm. My midwife couldn't tell if she was turned yet. But she did say I have lots of amniotic fluid for her. We are going to do a quick ultrasound next week to see her position. We also briefly talked about my birth plan. I felt really good afterwards. I felt like she listened and we were on the same page about everything. Appointments are every 2 weeks now. Wow getting pretty close! The due date is still July 25th. I'm delivering at St.Marks.