Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mountain of Boxes

Here is a little update for y'all.

We spent our last night in our condo officially!
I think we all have mixed feelings right now. The boys are excited to be moving cause they think its fun to be staying somewhere new and different. Clint and I are probably a little more nervous, because we still haven't decided on a new home! Scary I know, but I feel really calm. I know everything will work out. We are still searching for the perfect house to call our 'home'. We sold our condo a few weeks ago. Everything went smoothly and quickly.

We then took a week long vacation to St.George with the family minus the kids (pictures to come). And then when we got back, it was full steam ahead to move out.  So right now, our place look likes box city.

We are going to be staying with Clint's older brother Brady and their beautiful family, until we figure everything out. Hopefully very, very soon. Fingers crossed!