Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sister Stallings is Back!

A few weeks ago our beautiful Sister Stallings returned from her mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
We had been really excited for weeks, counting down the days for her arrival. Terri and Reed went a week early to pick her up and to meet everyone and to see where she served. While we back at home eagerly preparing for the amazing weekend.

Saturday everyone was at Salt Lake City airport at 4.30pm waiting for them to come down the escalators. We hadn't seen Amy in 18 months, it felt surreal. I think the kids were the most excited and happy all waiting. When they finally arrived, there was lots of hugs, tears and extra long cuddles from the kids.

We all drove back and celebrated her return with yummy food and amazing posters that the kids helped draw and decorate. The next day (Sunday) Amy spoke in Church, she was just amazing to watch and listen too. She had changed so much, in so many different ways. She fell in love with the people on her mission and most of all she had fallen in love with the Gospel all over again. I just loved listening to her. She was illuminating the light of Christ. We couldn't be more happier and proud of her. She is truly an example to all of us. I know there is so much that I can learn from her. Thank you Sister Stallings for your service to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to the wonderful people on your mission. They were blessed to have you touch their lives in many different ways. We love you very much!

Welcome home!!!