Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moving out

Back tracking a little here..

{June 26th}

This was our official day of moving out.
It was a crazy week leading up to June 26th, a Tuesday that will forever be stuck in my mind.
I knew, there were a lot of emotions and (hormones) flying around.
I had been packing for over 6 weeks well before we had sold our condo. 
I knew I needed to be prepared for the next chapter in our lives, giving birth to our daughter and buying our home.

I know two BIG changes. I think at one point our stresses levels were off the charts.
But we kept our cool.
There was a lot of uncertainty. We were hung up on this amazing short-sale in South Jordan.
Every time, we looked at a home somewhere else, we kept coming back to that house in South Jordan. Nothing compared. It was frustrating and hard. But worth it in the end.
I guess we knew where we were meant to be.

I was 8 months pregnant and trying my hardest not to move big boxes and constantly be on my feet. But I couldn't help it. I knew there was a lot to be done. I'm thankful I had a bunch of help too.
A few friends from the ward (Marquelle and Rochelle) came over one afternoon and packed up the kids bedroom and they kept going! And my sweet my mother in law helped me out a ton. Plus I had amazing and generous friends who watched my boys while I packed some more boxes. Honestly it felt like it would never end.

Deep down I was praying that my labor would go all smoothly (it did sort of).
I knew if I didn't take it easy on my body that I would eventually pay the price (I did). More on that later. Labor and delivery post to come, I promise. I just need the courage to go there.

We moved into my brother in laws house Brady and lived there for 4 weeks. Then baby Blair was born and I moved in with my mother in law but Clint and the boys stayed at Brady's (I know crazy huh). It just seemed to work at the time for our crazy situation.

Anyway here some pics from the day...

 Mark scaring the heck out of the kids

Now we are living the dream life....

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