Monday, October 1, 2012

We moved

There has been lots and lots of change with our little family.
We bought a new house and moved in about 5 weeks ago in South Jordan.
So far, we are all in love with our new pad and South Jordan!
We live in a beautiful neighborhood. Our neighbors are pretty awesome and our ward is cool too.
We have met lots of new people and made a bunch of new friends.
Plus we get to hang out with old friends that live here too.
Which is a huge bonus.
We are keeping ourselves busy with lots of house projects (decorating) and raising three little munchkins.

3 of my dreams came true since moving to our new house.

1. We can walk to church.
2. Liam's school bus picks him up from our street and drops him off.
3. The boys play with the neighbor kids almost everyday after school.

Life couldn't be any sweeter.

 P.S I am going to update the blog over the next few days. There so much to talk about!

 Aussie Pride!

Halloween decor is so much fun. I love how the boys love getting involved.