Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birth Story - Blair Matilda

{July 26th}

I know I have been putting this off, but I guess i'm ready to write it now.  Mainly because I wont get as emotional knowing I waited this long to write down everything. 
We were still living with family and waiting on our dream house to come through for us. There was so much uncertainty. But I knew we were going to be okay.
The pregnancy I must say was probably my hardest one, and I don't know if it was because I had the stress of two boys to chase after, my age, moving out of our condo, finding a new home and selling our condo, running a business or the combination of everything. But it wasn't easy at all. Physically I was always tired and at night all I wanted to do was pass out and sleep 10 hours. There were more aches and pains than usual. But it was all worth it believe me. 

I was secretly hoping I would go past my due date (like 10 days) because I knew our home wasn't ready. But I soon had to let go of that idea when my due date finally came around, July 25th. But at the same time I was also hoping I would deliver our little girl on the 25th because my Birthday and Liam's is on the 25th. Pretty neat I thought.

But in true form, with all three kids so far my water broke around midnight. I knew it would happen, because I didn't know anything else. I stayed up till late on my own watching T.V and I decided to get some sleep and as soon as I laid down and drifted off. POP! yes I heard my water break. The same thing happened with Noah. It sounds like a small balloon breaking. No joke! I woke up Clint and he didn't really believe me at first because there was no gush of water. So I double checked and went to the bathroom and yes there it was. Soon after I started to have contractions. I grabbed my hospital bag and we headed out the door. My contractions were hard and very close together. Okay, so this is about 1am the roads are clear and we have about a 20 minute drive, I thought oh boy here we go, I hope we make it! During the drive, the Hymn "I Know My Redeemer Lives" kept repeating in my head over and over again. I told Clint about it and we both looked at each other knowing everything was going to be okay. I then started to mouth "I Know My Redeemer Lives", and I began to picture Christ. I have never ever experienced anything like this before and I know it has since made my testimony of Christ stronger. I feel very privileged to have even experienced it and will never forget it. This kept going right through my delivery in the hospital. It helped me tremendously to stay positive and strong.

We arrived at St.Marks and we called my Midwife, Lindsey earlier and she was on her way. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to meet our little girl. I wasn't scared or worried. I felt really good and at peace with my body. I said a bunch of prayers to help with the labor. That helped things calm down a lot.

They took us to our delivery room and our nurse introduced herself and began helping me. I can't remember her name, but she was honestly the sweetest and kindest nurse I've ever had. Lindsey came in and right away wanted to check me. I was 8cm and effaced. I heard the nurse say to Clint "do you guys usually wait this long to come to the hospital" and we both laughed. Because we left pretty much right away. The contractions were really coming hard and strong, before I knew it, Lindsey was telling me to push! I wasn't ready, I just got here, what!?!? She kept telling me, Elle, I can feel her head, it's right there. But I didn't believe her, I kept saying okay next contraction I will push. She convinced me to push on the very next one. Clint was being a champ and staying right away from what was going on down south. He was amazing, being sweet, holding me, kissing me. Feeding me ice. I had the mirror up above for the first time and was watching a little. Next contraction came and I pushed, Lindsey pushed down on my knees. I was on my back and to me, its the most comfortable position to be in. But the contraction was very strong and was quick. A little background here, we decided I didn't need a I.V because I'm low risk and also I have always given birth naturally no drugs. I have a high pain threshold.  

Okay back to pushing, we waited for another contraction (I was being a wimp) and I pushed and not much happened. I changed positions and moved to my side and that helped a lot. The baby moved down a bit and I could feel her head. It was a little boost and I moved onto my back again. Again, Lindsey was telling me, you don't need to wait for another contraction, her head is right there, just one more hard push she will come out. I just didn't believe her for some reason. I wish I had of listened because I think we could have saved us a lot of time. Clint gave me a little pep talk and I just went for it! I gave it all I had and pushed and pushed and than she came right out! I was able to grab her little body and put her right on my chest. It was truly amazing. I couldn't believe it. It was that EASY! She was my smallest baby, so it was easier. She weighed 7.13 lbs. Her head wasn't as big as my boys that helped too. I didn't tear, no stitches! Yay! It only took an hour and a half, she was born at 3.30am.

I asked Clint to film to whole thing, because I want to watch it over and over again. I have a few times and I get teary every time. Giving birth to a baby is truly a miracle I think. They whisked her away to get all the stats and make sure everything was good. She cried and cried. I loved hearing her. Made me so happy that she was healthy and beautiful. I remember feeling very happy and full of love.

Lindsey started to clean up and the nurse helped her. She warned me that I needed to push my placenta out, which I can't stand. Ugh I hate it so much. It's the weirdest feeling ever. I prepared myself, and got ready to push. As soon as the placenta came out, there was a sudden gush of blood and we all knew immediately that I hemorrhaged. I lost so much blood and the pain was excruciating that I passed out. I was exhausted and plus I had lost a lot of blood. The crazy part was that I didn't have an I.V so when I came too, there were like 5 nurses in the room frantically pacing around my bed trying to help me. They finally got the I.V in. It was absolutely unexpected.

My midwife was truly a miracle worker she stopped bleeding and had everything under control and was calm. Clint was standing there in shock. My nurse came over and popped two pills (percocetwithin 30 seconds I vomited and almost threw up on Clint actually. I don't do well with narcotic pills. They are to heavy on my stomach. I felt bad for the nurses, I looked down and it looked a murder scene. Plus add the chicken from the night before, pretty gross.

Anyway, our little baby Blair was doing great, the nurses informed me right after everything settled down that she was very hungry and I wasn't in any condition to nurse. Clint gave her a bottle and she sucked that bottle dry (2oz). I was so proud of her already. We moved into our hospital room and I slept  really well that night. I was really tired. The next day, Lindsey came in and told me that I had lost way to much blood then what she originally thought. She recommended that I have a few bags of blood to help with my recovery. I was hesitant, but I knew that I needed to if I wanted to get healthy for my little girl. I was feeling very tired and dizzy and I usually feel pretty good. I knew, I needed it. It took 12 hours to get two bags of blood in me. But I tell you what, afterwards, I felt amazing and alive! My color came back, my dizziness was gone and I was up walking on my own. It felt great. Best decision ever.

Our little nursing sessions were going so well, she loved it and I was really glad. It felt really good being so close to her. She would burp and fall asleep like an angel. We had so many visitors and we felt truly blessed to have so many family and friends showing their love. My Mom had also arrived a few days earlier from Australia, she was helping my mother in law with the boys. Liam and Noah, were both very excited to meet their little sister for the first time. Their reactions are priceless. St.Marks hospital and my Midwife were all just incredible care providers. I loved everything about them. I had the best birth experience. 

The experience really humbled me once again, how small and fragile we are in the hands of Heavenly Father. I truly feel grateful for my beautiful and healthy family everyday. I know how quickly it can be all taken away from us. I cherish everything about them. We arrived home safely and I was surrounded with family that cared for both of us. 

Here are a few pictures from the birth and hospital.


Kathleen said...

Sweet story! Thanks for sharing!!

Charity said...

Loved this story! I love that you felt like sharing. Thank you. I am so happy for you guys. What a beautiful family. I know how much Clint wanted a little girl! Congrats you guys. She is precious.

Clarissa said...

So sweet!! She is one lucky girl to have such an amazing Mom! love the pictures of Clint giving her a bath and the two boys holding her!!