Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blair - 5 months

Where do I even begin, to tell you how much we love and adore this little girl. 

She has brought so much love, joy, sunshine and pure happiness into our home.
Blair has the most infectious personality. She is a very happy little baby. Always smiling and kicking those little legs whenever we are near her. She loves her Daddy and two brothers. But I'm pretty sure she just loves everybody. 

Let's see she can, roll over, baby talk, sleep through the night, eat yummy oatmeal and avocado, smile big, follow you around the room with her big eyes and definitely cry when she is upset at either someone being too loud or trying to make scary gorilla sounds (thanks Clint). Most of our family and friends say she looks a lot like Clint. Which I have to agree with.

Blair's actually quite tall for her age, she is unable to fit into 6 month baby clothes. Which is unusual for our family cause our boys are at 10% (percentile) for height, weight etc the whole time and so we need to buy her 9-12 month clothes (she's 90%). That took some time to get use too.

She loves to eat and has tried, apple, avocado, banana, sweet potatoes. Yum!
She likes to fall asleep in our arms, but she prefers her crib. She still loves to be swaddled but we leave her arms out because she loves loves to suck her thumb! (another first)

She is a very content little baby and just takes her surroundings in. I love that about her. She isn't really fussy, even when she has a cold, she just smiles away. 
We love kissing her little chubby face and she love being tickled. Whenever we sing a song to her she looks straight at you and listens contently. Gotta love that. 

We love you Blair! 
We feel extremely blessed to have you in our family!

Photo taken by Amy Stallings

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