Wednesday, January 9, 2013

His love cannot be measured

Come To Me.  Come to Me.  Come to Me.  This is My continual invitation to you, proclaimed in holy whispers.  When your heart and mind are quiet, you can hear Me inviting you to draw near.  Coming close to Me requires no great effort on your part; it is more like ceasing to resist the magnetic pull of My Love.  Open yourself to My loving Presence, so that I may fill you with My fullness.  I want you to experience how wide and long and high and deep is My Love for you, so that you can know My Love that surpasses knowledge.  This vast ocean of Love cannot be measured or explained, but it can be experienced.

Revelation 22:17; John 6:37; Ephesians 3:16-19

This really moved me tonight, as I was sitting on the couch pondering my day.
I know lately I have been feeling myself distancing myself from Him. But reading the above devotional really moved me. I sometimes feel really overwhelmed when I take a moment to really think about the love He has for me. It gives me strength and power I didn't know I had to keep moving forward. I'm always in awe of His love for me. This is exactly what I needed to pull Him toward me rather than pushing Him away. Because when I do, I can feel my life spiraling out of control. I enjoy feeling His presences, it brings me joy. I feel comforted and protected from all evil. I'll leave it at that. Good night.  

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