Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christmas 2012

{December 25}

We were all very excited for Christmas!
A new house, new baby, Noah was older and could grasp it a little better. Which I think what's it all about. Seeing your kids faces light up. The started off really early and we didn't stay up to late wrapping presents. This year I did a lot of my Christmas shopping online and saved myself the trouble of standing in line at the stores. Every few days a package would show up on our porch and I would get really excited! I did decorate this year, yes I did. Liam kept asking me to put more Christmas decorations up. Plus I wanted to get an artificial tree and be done with the real tree!
We did the usual family tradtions,  break through the wall of paper. Pray and talk about the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. Then slowly one by one we open presents and take it in turns. 
Afterwards we went to Clint's parents house for breakfast and to do the same thing. Then after that, his Grandparents house to visit and have a late lunch. I did learn a lot this year about myself and my family this year. It was very interesting and I'm glad for the experiences. Here are a bunch of pics.


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