Friday, February 8, 2013


WOW!! Our handsome Liam turned 7 in January. 
I really feel like life is passing by really quickly.
We had a super fun evening planned. We had dinner at TGIF. Opened presents. Jumped like maniacs at Airborne Trampoline. Then came home and ate some very yummy cake that I might add Liam made by himself with my supervision of course. He had a pretty fun day. We always try to make it extra special for them. We love surprises, so we didn't tell him to much. We also surprised him early in the morning when he woke up  he saw his new trampoline that he kept asking for.
We love and adore Liam, he is such a wonderful little man. 
He just seems so big now. He is very talented and has a heart full of love. 
He likes to make you laugh and smile.
He is a great art student and loves to listen to music.
We all know he is quite active and has lots of energy. Noah adores him. 
Our lives wouldn't be the same with out Liam thats for sure.
Happy Birthday Liam!!

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