Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Anniversary - March 13th

This year for our anniversary Clint totally surprised me with a fun Saturday planned to go snowmobiling in Midway/Heber on a 60,000 acre ranch. I couldn't be more excited and thrilled!!! We both love adventure and he know's how much I love surprises! So it was win/win. He even had arranged the babysitting, yes I was in heaven. We got there around lunch time and got geared up for the 3 hour snowmobiling fun. There was another family from Dallas that would be in our group. We had our safety instructions given to us and then we were off! We had a blast and it was absolutely stunning up there, 3 hours went by so fast. Before we knew it we were coming back down the mountain and it was already 5pm. The back was also special and romantic, we just love spending time together and being alone and catching up! Life gets pretty crazy and hectic with 3 kids. I would highly recommend the fun day to any couple or group of friends. It was a blast and really not cold at all. We loved it would do it again...Happy 5 year Anniversary Clint! Thanks for the amazing day! Love you...

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