Monday, July 1, 2013

June Getaway -St.George

It's quite obvious we love taking trips to St.George for a little R&R. Although sometimes that's not exactly how we feel, because its pretty much the same routine when your on vacation when you have 3 kids. So it's not really a huge R&R for us but more of a getaway from the same scenery you look at everyday. It was our first time in St.George in the summer and boy was it hot. By 11am its about 90 degrees. We did a lot of swimming and just hanging out with each other in the cool AC indoors.There was a early heat wave, by about 1pm it was 112 degrees. We left Thursday morning and came back Sunday evening. 

We went for a hike to Snow Canyon to look for lizards which by 10am was so HOT that we didn't last long, you really need to be there by 7.30-8am, otherwise your already sweating bullets. We tried out the St.George City pool, which again was HOT and even the pool felt warm. They have a slide and Liam was obsessed with it, we didn't really see him for 3 hours, he just went on the slide the whole time. We BBQ'd one evening and went swimming at 8pm and it was just perfect. We love buffets so we tried out Ichiban sushi and seafood buffet, which was really good. Afterwards we rented a movie but both Clint and I fell asleep halfway and the kids finished it. The highlight for me was visiting the St.George temple, which is a must! We had the missionaries give us a tour of 'God's Plan for his Children', which is absolutely beautiful and well put together. Clint helped the boys both catch frogs, that was so much fun seeing their cute faces light up. Of course they let them go. 

We came back Sunday evening and it was nice to be in cooler weather. We always have a great time down there. It was a good practice run for our big trip to San Diego next month. Not gonna lie, i'm a little nervous. But also really excited!

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