Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Last week we celebrated Blair's first Birthday!
It's always bittersweet when your baby turns 1.
You can't wait for them to reach certain milestones.
But at the same time you want to freeze time so 
they can immediately stop growing up.
Blair has been our little Miss Sunshine.
She is happy and content. Wakes up with excitement and a huge smile.
Always a ray of sunshine. Full of joy. High squeals and giggles.
We love and adore her bubbly personality. She can hold her own ground 
whenever her brother's start to annoy her or start to smother her with to much affection.
She loves to eat and has tried pretty much anything we eat. She loves her fruit and yogurt. 
Where ever we go she receives lots of compliments on her features, specially her eyes. I'm
biased and will always agree with their praises. She will rip out any bow or headband on her head.
She is still crawling and can walk along furniture. She loves cuddles and hugs. She loves her Daddy.
They have a special bond and I love it whenever they cuddle together. 
I can go on forever about this sweet little girl. We can't imagine our family without her. 
We feel very blessed to have her as our daughter and feel honored to raise her and be her Mom and Dad for all eternity. 
Happy Birthday Blair!


Jason and Emily Gruber said...

love all of these pictures! can't believe she has tan lines in the folds in her arms! hilarious!

Kathleen said...

Wow! It's really been a year, huh?? She is so darling!! Happy Birthday to Blair!

Krista said...

love those chub roll tan lines!! she is so pretty...and i'm sure smart too!

Clarissa said...

Why can't these kids just stop growing?!! Love the pictures your cake and decorations look great! Love her cheesy, squinty, eyed grin! Pretty girl!