Sunday, July 7, 2013

Photo-shoot for Mommy and Blair

My wonderful talented sister in law Amy came over one afternoon to hang out and we decided to go to the Daybreak lake to take pictures for fun. I also wanted to capture my beautiful baby girl before she is all big. It's one my favorite stages in a very small window, which seems to always go by so fast. I personally cant rely on my memory to remember the delicate features of her face and her unique mannerisms and facial expressions. The other important part is our bond. I want to look back these photo's years from now and see the affection and love we have for each other.

Having a little girl has changed my perspective on being a parent and mother a few different ways. I feel more responsible and protective. Also a calling of teaching and educating that goes beyond my duties and comfort level. I know she has a different future ahead of her then I did in some ways. I feel like I need to equip her with the knowledge and a set of skills that will allow her to blossom and survive but also be on top in order to help others that are less fortunate and above all spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

She is a special soul, I feel it whenever I look into her eyes. I love my precious Blair, she has brought so much light and happiness into our family. She has helped me become a more loving and warm mother. I want to strive personally for better things and set goals to improve my imperfections in-order to guide her through her own journey. There are days where I think oh no, who will she play with? When the other two kids are at school. Does she need a sister or brother? But I get a good feeling come over me that everything is going to be okay and all she needs you, her Mom. So for now, I'm happy to stay in our little bubble. But she loves her Daddy too and adores her brothers. Yes, they are all very important to her. But her Mamma will always be there for her no matter what that's special relationship that will last forever. I know because I weep for my Mommy many days unlike anybody else. I miss her voice, smell and presence. That special bond can never be broken with distance or time or indifference's.

Thank you Amy for your time and talents.


Charity said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I love my 2 girls so can completely relate to your post. Not a day goes by that my heart doesnt miss my mom who passed away 12 years ago...
We can only emulate their lives by being the best moms WE can be.

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous pictures! I am glad I am not the only mom who feels a lot more protective of her little girl! I was talking about this just the other day!