Thursday, August 22, 2013

San Diego

Last week we took the family to San Diego for a week to have a little family time and getaway from the daily grind. We drove to St.George stayed a night to break the trip a little. We arrived in San Diego Saturday afternoon tired and grumpy from the long drive.

As soon as we got to the hotel the kids wanted to swim at the pool and we the parents wanted to relax and rest in the hotel room. We stayed at the doubletree in Mission Valley. We had so many fun attractions near by which was a plus cause it meant we didn't need to drive a lot.

We sort of planned the week. We had 7 day passes to Seaworld we did that a few times and saw all the shows with Shamu and Dolphins. We fed the Seals. Tried out the roller coasters. Ate really expensive food and water. Overall it was fun and exhausting. But the kids really loved, including Blair. She constantly pointed to an animal when she saw one.

The other days were spent on the beach. We tried out 4 different beaches. My fav was Del Mar which is north of La Jolla. Clint's was Coronado Island. Liam's would probably be Mission beach. They were all cool and unique in their own way. The weather was a warm 73-75 on most days and a little overcast. But the kids and Clint still got sun burnt.

I loved the mall that was 5 mins away from our hotel. Fashion Valley mall had so many different stores than what we are use to in Salt Lake City. That was a treat for me. I did a little shopping, mostly for the kids.

The food! Oh my gosh, the restaurants and grocery stores have such variety and I found everything fresh. Including the seafood! Whenever we go to San Diego we always eat a lot of seafood. Mainly because its so fresh and there so much variety.

By the end of the week we were sad to be leaving but eager to get home.
The drive back was a nightmare, we got stuck in Barstow, CA which a town in the middle of the Californian desert. It was hot. There was a big accident and the traffic was backed up for more then 30 miles. That really messed our drive back and we got to St.George at 2am exhausted. We slept in our clothes, woke up and had breakfast and started our journey back home.

Here all the pictures from the trip... Enjoy!


Jason and Emily Gruber said...

Blair's swimsuits are the cutest!!!! Where did you find them?!?

Clarissa said...

FUN!! Looks like tons of fun! Stu loved seeing Liam and Noah and kept saying "Ooo! Lucky!!"(: You look beautiful as always! And Blair's swim suits are adorable!!!